Sport to relax and sleep better

Sport to relax and sleep better

You've probably already experienced a good night's sleep after a
physical effort, intense or not. Here are some explanations on the effects
sport on sleep and some keys to enjoy its soothing effect.

Regular physical exercise is good for sleep because it is anxiolytic (reduces stress and anxiety), antidepressant and analgesic (eliminates pain).
These effects are due to endorphins released by the body during exercise. Physical activity also helps to synchronize the internal clock and stabilize
circadian rhythm (biological rhythm of a period of approximately 24 hours that
includes waking and sleeping periods), which increases well-being.

Finally, if you are overweight, sport will be all the more beneficial if it
will make you more toned and sleep better. However, it has been proven that good sleep promotes weight loss!

Some instructions must be followed so that the sport does not have the effect
on your sleep. It is thus recommended to practice its activity
in the morning or early afternoon and to avoid doing it during the
three hours before bedtime, especially for insomniacs. 
In fact, the body temperature fluctuates during the day and reaches its maximum
around 5:00 and then decrease. Vigilance is greater when the body is hot, while drowsiness is possible when it is less so. Practice physical activity in the three hours before you sleep will increase body temperature, so his alertness, and you risk putting a long time to fall asleep.

In addition, the effort should be at least 30 minutes, but the ideal is 1 hour at
1:30. However, if you do not practice any activity and you wish to get back to it, go gradually, otherwise you may be discouraged very quickly!

It must also be practiced every day if it is of a duration of 30 minutes or at least three times a week, but must be at least 30 minutes in length. To sleep well, prefer endurance sports: cycling, swimming, walking...
You can also make your sleep more peaceful by walking 30 minutes
per day, around your home or workplace.


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