The importance of dancing for your wellness

The importance of dancing for your wellness

Dancing is perfect for a physical activity, combined with a good physical and emotional balance. In addition, it's a pleasant activity and those who
don't like sports rather orient themselves to this discipline.

Practiced regularly, it can be source of health and guarantor of maintenance
of our balance. There are many different styles of dance: classical dance, modern and modern-jazz dance, jazz dance, dance rock, tango, swing, waltz, charleston, zouk, lambada, electr and "exotic" dances (African, belly dance and oriental, Indian,
Sevillian). Rhythmic gymnastics and synchronized swimming are
two disciplines belonging to the field of sport, but being associated with the
dance because they are carried out according to a choreography and with the support of music.

Some, practiced in class or fitness club, are assimilated to company or ballroom dances. It is the case of rock, tango, of the waltz, swing or Charleston, for example. Each dance has a beneficial action on the body and harmoniously develops its musculature while learning to breathe better.

It also makes it possible to synchronize the movements with music: coordination, relaxation, concentration and memory work (for choreography), etc.
If you want to get into the dance, several solutions are available to you. You can
join a sports or fitness club (all clubs offer dance classes), take classes (private at home or group)or buy a DVD or even a video game platform. Finally,
there are also specialized Internet sites that break down by means of videos of complete dance sequences.


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