Vitamins for your well-being

Vitamins for your well-being

A balanced diet and dieteticallyjust is also a diet that does not result in
deficiencies, particularly in vitamins.
Each vitamin is important for health of our cells and a failure to do so would also be detrimental than an excess of these!

The ideal is always to vary its power supply. If our pace of life does not always allow us to adopt the right diet, food supplements can be added that will provide the dose of vitamins and other missing nutrients.


A deficiency in one or the other of these vitamins can cause various disorders.
You may be a victim of physical fatigue (vitamin C deficiency or imbalance of several vitamins), nervous fatigue, neurasthenia or memory loss (lack of vitamin
B) or problems of skin and abnormal hair loss (vitamin A and B deficiency).

When it comes to vitamins, it is important to find the right balance between too much and too little.

Normally, our diet, if it is rich enough in fruit and fresh vegetables and cereals, will be sufficient for our daily intake of vitamins. However, when we are sick or when we feel a decline especially during the winter, our doctor can prescribe a prescription for a vitamin supplement to be taken over a given period.
We're not all equal when it comes to vitamins! Men and women do not have the same needs and the growing children, the pregnant women or the elderly often need a contribution additional.

Vitamins are essential for maintaining good health. Their vitamin intake is all the more important because our bodies don't take them doesn't make.

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