What you need to know about sleep and insomnia

What you need to know about sleep and insomnia

Sleeping badly is a problem because as a result you make more mistakes (confusion, forgetting, accidents at work and car accidents), you are more irritable, and you are more likely to get sick.

Above all, sleeping badly is unpleasant. It is therefore understandable that the 20% of the population who suffer from insomnia seek solutions.

The drug manufacturers were not mistaken and hastened, at the beginning of the 20th century, to invent barbiturates. Barbiturates are so effective that they don't just put you to sleep: they often put you directly into a coma, with hypothermia and respiratory failure. It is therefore the ideal drug to cure not only insomnia, but all the other problems of existence... definitely.

This "slight" disadvantage of barbiturates having finally become visible, notably with the death of Marilyn Monroe, industrialists invented benzodiazepines (Valium). These drugs have the advantage over barbiturates of having an antidote in case of overdose, flumazenil. The problem is that the risk of "decreased alertness" that is modestly mentioned on the package insert is more like a total loss of control over yourself.

You become capable of doing or accepting anything and perverts of all kinds soon became aware of this "advantage", to such an extent that people started talking about "rapist's drug". Additional benefit (for criminals): benzodiazepines often cause amnesia in the victim.

Of course, as with all drugs, there are now "latest-generation" sleeping pills, which allegedly do not have the same disadvantages as their predecessors. This is only a marketing bluster, worthy of the "seen on TV" that appears on mail order gadget vendors' flyers.

Your goal in terms of sleep should simply be to get enough sleep to feel energetic all day, without artificial stimulation (sugar, caffeine, tobacco...), except for a nap.Or you can try Our range of My Daily Booster products that are 100% natural fruit or plant extract powders. Mots of them provide numerous health benefits and help you to improve your quality of sleep.


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