Wellness and healthy have been fashion words lately. Indeed, well-being is increasingly a concern for our society and for good reason. People may live longer because of technological and medical advances, but at what cost? Overweight, stress, fatigue, chronic diseases or even worse: the large number of people with cancer are signs that should alarm us.

You should know that improving your sense of well-being will help you to be happier but also more productive and to achieve your goals more easily. Becoming a better version of yourself also goes through everything that will help you to be better in your sneakers. If only for the energy and enthusiasm it brings.

Adopting a "healthy lifestyle" should not be seen as an obligation or something binding. On the contrary, it should be seen as a benefit that is granted on a regular basis. In the same way that is good to rest when you are tired, eat properly, do physical activity and rest your mind through meditation for example will have many positive effects on the long terms in your life.

Claude Marechal, Founder

Claude Marechal, Founder of My Daily Booster

I have been passionate about healthy eating for as long as I can remember as I was playing competitive tennis when I was young. I learned from a young age that healthy food makes a difference. On my side, the search for well-being is a quest in which I have embarked since I passed the age of 40.

On the one hand because I physically felt that my body no longer responded as when I was 30 but also because I wish to age as well as possible by protecting myself from diseases and maintaining a level of energy that will allow me to continue to lead a pleasant rhythm of life. I think in particular of the pleasure of going on a trip, of continuing to do sports with a body that is not too bruised by aches or back pain and finally I do not wish to be reduced to growing old in front of my TV screen because I can no longer undertake anything physically.

There is also the daily fatigue that is felt when you live in the city and run in all directions to take public transport, spend 9 hours in a row at the office, then go shopping, take care of children's homework, in short we feel really rinsed and if we are stressed or upset by the hazards of professional or private life, we can very quickly lose sleep, which will not help anything.

Boost your body and your energy level

Claude Marechal, founder of My Daily Booster

We have thus developed with my small team who are also passionate about well-being, a range of products under the name "My Daily Booster": it is your daily boost for your health and energy level.

Daily Booster products are classified into several categories according to your current needs. We have Daily Booster powders which have as main benefits to boost your body and your energy level, others which would especially facilitate your intestinal transit because digestion problems are also daily ailments which affect our health. We also have a range of products which helps to fight against stress, to control anxiety and to promote a restorative sleep.

My Daily Booster is also products that would potentially help you strengthen bones, reduce inflammation, which is associated with painful conditions such as arthritis and joint or muscle pain in general. This is a major issue when you get older and suffer from osteoarthritis.

We also have a range of powders that could be effective for our overall health, but especially for the health of our brain, helping to sharpen our memory and also stimulating the supply of oxygen in our brain. The antioxidants found in most of our products have the potential, according to health experts, to protect our brain from oxidative damage, which can also minimize the risk of various neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's disease or Parkinson's disease.

Two other topics which can easily poison our daily life: first of all our libido. We have powders that would have positive effects on sexual function and libido in both men and women. Finally, hair loss which is a major topic for men as they age. The natural products we offer could have benefits to maintain hair health and stimulate hair growth.

Natural products

My Daily Booster for smoothies

Our range of My Daily Booster products are 100% natural fruit or plant extract powders. There are no additives, chemicals or refined sugar in the powders. It is a 100% natural product.
We only offer My Daily Booster in powder form because it mixes perfectly with the smoothies each morning, with a fruit juice or even a hot drink: depending on the product you can make a good tea or even add it in your coffee or cappucino.
Matcha from Japan, Maca powder from Peru, Acai Berry from Brazil: we only supply ourselves in places where our products can grow completely naturally, without unnecessary additives.